An AI backed analytics tool for Twitter Marketers

Competitive intelligence through influencer and audience data

Visually explore friend and follower networks

Discover market sector movers & shakers through hidden network links

Competitive and Market Intelligence for Twitter


Visual Competitive Intelligence for Twitter

SocialKnow allows you to visually explore the hidden networks of followers and friends of any account.

Find out who follows your competitors but don't follow you or your client so you can target them.

Discover who the influencers are in particular industry or sector and which other influencers they are linked to.

See who follows one or more accounts and which followers they have in common?


What will be your advantage

KPI Tracking

Interactively track KPI's such as follows and unfollows, mentions and retweets.

Follower Comparision

Compare friends and followers of several accounts. Linked data lists change as you click and drill down

Visual Exploration

Click, drag and zoom to explore connections between key profiles.

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